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Speech of welcome of the head of Parabel region A. Karlov to visitiors of the site

Dear Guests!

I greet you on pages of the site of the Parabel region. Parabel is a famous land with centuries-old history!

We sincerely love our region and are proud of its present and past!

On the territory of our region the Narim village is situated. It was founded in 1596. This place has a great historical value, because it was the centre of western Siberia and gave a name to Narim region. This region consisted of the territories of Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kemerovo regions and a part of Altai and Krasnoyarsk regions. Starting with the 17th century Narim was a place of exile for disagreeable to authority people. In the 17th century to Narim were exiled Lithuanians and Poles, but in the 20th century there were exiled such political figures like Joseph Stalin, Valerian Kujbishev, Jakov Sverdlov, Alexej Rikov. In Narim village are situated a unique museum of political convicts and museum of selkup antiquities in the open.

It is pleasant to notice that Parabel region was always rich in talanted people. Parabel is a native place for such people like Zavolokin brothers, actor Bobin-Shmidt, writers V. Kozhevnikov and Ven. Kolikhalov.

Dwellers of our region are always noted for their hospitality, industry, openness and sensitivity.

The Parabel region is rich in natural resources: oil, gas, woods and water resources. Nature of our region is amazing beautiful and stately at any season. Woods and the biggest swamps in the world keep in their pantries cedar nuts, various mushrooms, berries and herbs. The Parabel village is situated on the bank of the river Ob. Ob is the biggest river freezing in winter completely. There are such valuable species of fish like whitefish, white salmon, sterlet, sturgeon in lakes and rivers of the region. Our rgion is interesting for hunters also. In our woods dwell squirrels, sables, minks, brown bears, elks, lynxes, capercailyes, hazel grouses, black grouses, hares.

Thanks to ancient traditions of careful attitude to the nature it was kept safe.

I invite you to become acquainted with Parabel and hope for our further cooperation.

We are fully confident in our strength and are full of new plans and ideas. We'll make our region prosperous, comfortable for us and our children!

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